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SHOT Show 2015 Debut: Ruger SR1911

The 1911 is a standard in the handgun industry. The new Ruger SR1911 just broke the mold. 

If you are fan of guns (and who isn’t?), then you are probably well aware of the 1911. At the 2015 SHOT Show, Ruger flipped the standard 1911 on its head and created a new version of this old classic.

Instead of the standard steel frame that 1911s have become famous for, Ruger reengineered everything with an aluminum frame, creating an awesome piece of weaponry.



The new Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style pistol features a black frame and a satin finish on the slide. This beautiful dual tone pistol is highlighted by the fact that it weighs so much less than other versions. There is also hardwood grip panels which makes this gun great for concealed carry.

Other gun manufacturers have ran into problems with aluminum framed pistols due to the wear and tear on the slide from shooting modern ammunition. However, Ruger’s engineers developed an integrated polished titanium feed ramp that will create a lifetime of reliable performance, eliminating this often costly repair.

Ruger entered the 1911 market in 2011. What makes the Ruger 1911 unique is that they offer a lot of standards on their guns that normally come from custom dealers. For example, the SR1911 has an oversized magazine release, extended thumb safety, skeletonized hammer and trigger for fast shooting, not to mention the integral plunger tube, beavertail grip safety, and precision barrel and brushing which are matched from the same piece of bar stock.

Try and find all that anywhere else in a 1911. Good luck.

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SHOT Show 2015 Debut: Ruger SR1911