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Wide Open Spaces “Shot of the Week”

Shot of the Week - Wisconsin bowhunting

This edition of "Shot of the Week" came via Josh Scriver, who bagged this free range deer in Bangor, Wisconsin. Anyone who has had the privilege to hunt in the Northern Midwest knows the value of finding, tracking and killing a deer before the winter weather moves in, and Josh was thrilled to have managed taking down this 210-pounder on October 19, 2013.

While other states aren't nearly as susceptible to cold weather effecting a hunt, Wisconsin hunters know that the early bird gets the deer, and stays warm as well. The archery season has also helped keep deer hunters out of the cold, with earlier dates and a chance to hit the field before rifles are allowed.


Thanks to Josh's perseverance and stealth, he brought home this trophy, as well as the title of Wide Open Spaces' "Shot of the Week."



Location: Bangor, Wisconsin

Game: Whitetail deer

Weapon: PSE Brute Compound Bow (62 lb. draw)

Ammo: Carbon Express arrows tipped with Rage Broadheads

Interesting Fact: After sitting through heavy rain and wind, Josh was delighted to see clear skies and sunshine around 5:00 p.m. The buck surprised him and got so close Josh thought he might have missed his chance to not be seen or heard. A less-than-stellar left shoulder blade hit from about 6 yards was enough to penetrate, but not take him down. Josh tracked a blood trail for about 200 yards but gave up the search, returning the next morning with little hope of finding it. Sure enough, he tracked down the fallen body and let out a yell of enthusiasm. It scored 173 7/8 in. gross non-typical with 16 points.

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Wide Open Spaces “Shot of the Week”