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Introducing Shot of the Week, sponsored by SOG Knives

Here’s the scene: You’re out in the stand, counting the minutes you have left of usable light when out of nowhere comes the buck of your dreams. His hoof snaps a branch and he startles himself. You mutter under your breath, “No no, it’s okay. Just stay right there…” He takes a few steps away from you, leaving you without a clear shot. Your weapon gets heavy in your hands as you work to stabilize it, then it happens; he turns broadside and you’re left staring at what could only have been a God-given opportunity.

You take aim, hold your breath thinking how many times you’ve done this before, but this time is it, and you fire. You hit him right in the sweet spot, and he goes down where he’s standing. Adrenaline rushes through your veins and it’s like you’re a child again, seeing the world for the first time. You hop out of the stand to check out your kill, and boy is it worth all those cold, endless hours you spent waiting. There’s nothing like it.

IMG_20131023_142237Previous Shot of the Week Winner, Josh Scriver

That’s the feeling we all know and love, and that’s what we’re looking for to feature in our Shot of the Week, sponsored by SOG knives. Do you have a story to share with some photos or perhaps a video? We’d love to see it. Submit your stories via our Facebook page here: Submit Your Shot of the Week

Winning entries will be featured on our site as Shot of the Week and will receive a SOG Huntspoint boning or skinning knife.


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Introducing Shot of the Week, sponsored by SOG Knives