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Wide Open Spaces "Shot of the Week"

Shot of the Week - Idaho pheasant hunting

We're excited to bring you the latest edition of "Shot of the Week," because it gives bird hunting a whole new perspective. Thanks to reader Scott Gustafson, we get a great view of Idaho pheasant hunting with a GoPro camera.

A surge of GoPro owners have taken to the field in the most recent fad among hunting videographers, and we agree it's one of the coolest uses of the unique technology.

Check out the video from Scott, and channel your inner Nintendo "Duck Hunt" fan.


Location: Hagerman, Idaho

Game: Pheasant

Weapon: Franchi Instinct SL 20 gauge

Ammo: 2 & 3/4" Herters #5 shot

Interesting Fact: Gustafson was hunting in the backyard of his 90-acre farm with his dogs Eli and Oakley. Oakley (on the right in the featured image) is an 11-month old half-lab and half-german shorthair. That was only the second time Oakley was out on a pheasant hunt, and he retrieved two of the three birds. Scott is 24 years old and works for the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game, specifically on establishing and improving wildlife habitat on the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area.


If you've captured video or photographic footage of your hunt and would like to submit it as a potential Wide Open Spaces "Shot of the Week," visit our Facebook page for entry details, and your video could be featured on

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Wide Open Spaces "Shot of the Week"