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Wide Open Spaces “Shot of the Week”

Shot of the Week – Central Texas Coyote Hunting

The newest “Shot of the Week” feature, and the first winner of our SOG knife giveaway, is David Scott Kuykendall of Austin, Texas and this great shot of a coyote he killed with his 7-year old son.

We love seeing the proud faces of father and son in photos like these, and we’re more than happy to present Kuykendall with a brand new SOG Huntspoint knife for his winning entry. There’s no better tool to show his son how to skin an animal with.

Check out the photo of the Kuykendalls’ catch.


That’s one heck of a ‘yote, if we do say so ourselves.


Location: Elgin, Texas

Game: Coyote

Weapon: .243 rifle

Ammunition: 55 grain ballistic tips

Interesting Fact: Kuykendall said that he took his son mouth calling, and brought this large male to within 15 yards. “My son kept saying ‘There he is, shoot him.’ I kept telling him to shush. Don’t know if the coyote was deaf or just really hungry.”

If you’ve captured video footage of your hunt and would like to submit it as a potential Wide Open Spaces “Shot of the Week,” visit our Facebook page for entry details, and your video could be featured on

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Wide Open Spaces “Shot of the Week”