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Who Shot Down This Drone in New Zealand?

who shot down this drone in new zealand

This video of a drone being shot down in New Zealand is taking the Internet by storm.

This video was taken in Tararua Mountain range on New Zealand's north island, where the drone operator was taking video of the drone while it was being calibrated. After a minute or so in the air, a gunshot rings out and the drone tumbles from the sky.

The question remains though: who shot down this drone? Was it an angry hunter who was annoyed that the noisy device was messing up a hunt? Was it the drone operator who was just trying to stir up some controversy? Or was it someone else?

Check out the video taken from the GoPro on the drone operator's head and see what you think.

This video was taken by a GoPro mounted on the actual drone.

After watching those two videos, who do you think shot down this drone?

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Who Shot Down This Drone in New Zealand?