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Would You Have Shot This Deer? [VIDEO]

Would You Have Shot This Deer

This girl and her father were hunting in Louisiana on Thanksgiving Day and encountered this doe, which they elected to take. Would you have shot this deer?

A father and daughter were after a 10-point buck that they had been getting photos of on a trail camera in the area. However, they encountered this doe, which was limping and was obviously seriously injured.

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Almost instantly, the father decides that the ethical thing to do would be to shoot the doe and put her out of her misery.


Even though the doe had two fawns with her, I still think that they made the right decision. If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of white on the deer's left shoulder as she goes down. That is her exposed shoulder blade.

They thought that another hunter had made a bad shot, only wounding this deer but breaking her shoulder in the process.

Even though she appeared to be getting around reasonably well considering that she had a broken shoulder, I think that the odds of that deer surviving the winter were pretty low. If she did not succumb to starvation, exposure, or infection, she would have been an easy meal for a coyote lucky enough to find her.

By shooting her when they did, they not only put her out of her misery, but they also got to salvage at least some of her meat. Additionally, since this hunt occurred in late November, those fawns had a decent chance of survival on their own.

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What do you think? Assuming you could do it safely and legally, would you have shot this deer?

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Would You Have Shot This Deer? [VIDEO]