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SHOT 2016 Springfield's EMP4 is a Game Changer

Springfield made an already perfect pistol even better. The EMP4 is going to change your expectations of a 1911.

The EMP4 from Springfield features some new calibers and new looks for 2016. The pistol will be featured in both the 9mm and the 40sw. We all know that 1911s are designed for the beefy .45 ACP, but with advancements in ballistic technology, the 9mm and 40sw are earning their seat in the 1911 legacy.

The first major feature was the bi-tone stainless slide and the black anodized aluminum frame for the 9mms. The 40SW frame will be made of Carbon Steel Black Armory Kote. Last year, the 10mm stole the show for the must-have caliber, but this year 9mm in the 1911 frame is too hot to go unnoticed.

The EMP4 features a four-inch barrel and will come with some bright fiber optic front sights. The safety levers will be ambidextrous on both 9mm and 40SW. The grip on the frame is Springfield's proprietary Posi-Lok, which is a seriously dexterous grip pattern. The round count will be 10 rounds for the 9mm.


Another new pistol for the 2016 list is the Range Officer Stainless. Offered in both the 9mm and .45 ACP, this pistol has features that should make it more valuable than it's price point, like a forged match frame and match slide, meaning there will be virtually no wobble in the contacts for the slide rails.

This also allows for a tighter group and better follow up shots. An extended thumb safety, and enhanced beaver tail grip safety will allow the pistol to be fired quicker as the safeties will be quickly removed. The RO Stainless is within the sub $1,000 price group and at that price, it's a great value for anyone looking to get a 1911.

These pistols are a great value and offer some of the best upgrades to launch on a mass production type pistol. No expert gunsmithing is needed on these pistols as they are ready to go straight out of the box.

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SHOT 2016 Springfield's EMP4 is a Game Changer