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Check Out the New Kimber K6S Revolver Released at SHOT Show 2016

Kimber released an all-new pistol at SHOT Show 2016.

Kimber is well known as a phenomenal 1911 manufacturer, having arguably the best fitted 1911 off the shelf. The 1911 masters have decided to apply their skills at the K6s Revolver.

The K6s revolver is chambered in .357Mag, and has a 6-shot cylinder. The pistol has many features that make this a readily available CCW pistol.

Starting with the overall finish of the stainless frame, you can see that the edges of the pistol have been smoothed and sharp edges have been cleaned up. The pistol has no sharp snags or pointy edges anywhere on the body of the frame or cylinder.

The cylinder has a very tight fitting that keeps the cylinder from moving or wiggling while being carried or fired. The feel of the cylinder is smooth and comfortable while being carried inside the waist band. The revolver is hammerless and since it is indeed hammerless it also removes the possibility of being snagged on your clothing while being drawn.


The sights are low profile and were milled within the upper side of the frame. When you’re looking at the sights, your eyes can easily see the front sight post as the milling of the frame shows the sight path very easily.

The grips were made from a darker wood, and the overall grip of the frame was very comfortable. The entire weight of the gun unloaded is 23 ounces, and total barrel length is two inches.


This revolver is priced at $899, and since you already have every upgradable feature that one might want on a revolver, it’s as close to out-of-the-box perfection as you’re going to get. For a lower-priced alternative, you can always run 38 special cartridges to train with, and then use 357 mag cartridges on your actual personal defense loads.

Kimber K6s

Kimber definitely released a quality revolver for SHOT Show 2016. The booth was very packed as many men and women were looking at the contemporary revolver. In a world where polymer frame pistols are now becoming the standard, it was fun to see an old revolver idea brought into the 21st century as a viable fighting pistol.

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Check Out the New Kimber K6S Revolver Released at SHOT Show 2016