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SHOT 2016: Control The Crazy Quail Mini with Your iPhone

Shooting Machine, cray quail mini
Crazy Quail

It was only a matter of time before smart phones would be looped into the shooting machine world.

Forget about shaking your iPhone to hear a different song. How about shaking it to send out a mess of clay pigeons from your new shooting machine?

Watch as the Crazy Quail Mini is about to raise the bar in the world of sporting clays.

Now that’s an app worth downloading!

For bird hunters and sporting clays enthusiasts alike, having the ability to control up to 256 machines with a single iPhone sets a new level of standard. Gone are the days of having someone have to either pull the machine by hand or control it with a single machine with a wired remote.

Depending on your hunting scenario, the Mini is able to provide a real life bird flushing experience for you to sharpen your skills. Grab your shotgun, your iPhone, and your new favorite shooting machine for the ultimate bird hunting simulation.

If you’re currently at SHOT Show 2016, head over and check them out in person at Booth 1057!


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SHOT 2016: Control The Crazy Quail Mini with Your iPhone