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‘The Short Season: Nevada’ Shows the Heart of Bowhunting [VIDEO]


Why we bowhunt: It’s the journey, the pursuit, the animal, the experience, the land.

I intend to watch this film every year, as hunting season approaches. It’s that good. It’s that authentic.

‘The Short Season: Nevada’ follows Jonathan Hart, the founder of Sitka Gear, on a high country mule deer hunt in Unit 131 of central Nevada’s wilderness.

“It feels good to know you did everything right,” Hart says near the end of the film. “It’s kind of a good feeling. You know you got it in you. At least you know you got it in you to get the job done.”

There’s a lot of eye candy here. The landscape is fantastic and the mule deer are grand.

Hats off to the The Short Season film production company for making this excellent film.

Favorite line: “Regardless, it will be awesome.” That’s a great attitude. That’s what bowhunting is.

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‘The Short Season: Nevada’ Shows the Heart of Bowhunting [VIDEO]