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The Short Season MO15: The Hunt Begins Long Before the Season Opener

Follow this beautifully filmed hunt from early summer to final harvest.

A successful deer hunt doesn’t begin on opening day of the season. It begins months before. That’s the idea at the heart of “The Short Season: MO15,” a hunting film from Howler Brothers.

This is one of the best films I’ve seen on the joy of preseason planning.

It’s not really a great how-to film, loaded with practical tips and strategies for successfully harvesting a big buck come deer season. But it is a film that quietly and beautifully communicates how enriching all of that preseason work can be when it is officially deer hunting season.

The idea that deer hunting starts with opening day is, unfortunately, a reality for many deer hunters. I submit that these hunters shortchange themselves and the experiences they have.

A successful project is much more satisfying, not to mention usually much more successful, when we put more time and effort into it. You know the old saying, “You get out of it what you put into it.”

Granted, most hunters don’t have their own farmland or piece of Missouri’s woodland property that they can manage like the hunter in the video. But we ought to know where we’ll be hunting long before the season arrives, and we can get out into the field we intend to hunt throughout the year.

We can spend preseason time scouting, analyzing and planning our hunts so that the season opener is comfortable and familiar and the anticipation is bubbling over from all we’ve seen and experienced during the preseason.

short season

Successful hunters – however they define success – who do the early work will tell you that nothing feels as great as a well-planned, well-prepared hunt. If they are successful in putting meat in the freezer, well, that’s just more gravy on an already overflowing good experience.

The quality of MO15 is what we’ve come to expect from The Short Season crew. Their films are consistently excellent, with top rate production values and the ability to tell a rich story with fantastic imagery. Check out The Short Season’s ‘Nevada’ film in the link below.

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The Short Season MO15: The Hunt Begins Long Before the Season Opener