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“The Short Season” Last Minute Elk Hunt Brings Big Reward [VIDEO]

A last minute invitation to hunt elk at the end of the season makes a special memory for a family.

“Three to Close” is the story of an unexpected invitation to hunt the final three days of the Oregon elk season.

Those final three days prove to be something special.

Jeff Simpson opens the film with a sleepy-eyed intro – it’s 4:30am – from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Just a few hours earlier he received an invitation to head out to Oregon for the final three days of the state’s elk hunt.

So, after quickly packing gear and getting his family ready to go, they catch a flight to Oregon, Simpson dons his camo and starts hunting. Crazy…crazy fun.

The land is beautiful. 7,000 acres of hills, pine trees and elk.

Yes, there seem to be elk everywhere. But getting close enough to arrow a bull is a whole other story.

On the final day of the season and still without an elk, Simpson and his hunting partner plan to get aggressive. By the afternoon they decide to cut directly toward a small group of bulls to try to intercept them and get a shot.

Success! They’re field dressing the big bull by headlamp. That’s what you call last minute.

Simpson is responsible for a number of fine hunting film productions, via Fencepost Films and The Short Season team.

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“The Short Season” Last Minute Elk Hunt Brings Big Reward [VIDEO]