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This Will Make You Proud to Be a Hunter [VIDEO]

If there was ever a video to inspire you to hunt and to reaffirm why you do, it's this one. 

Hunting is in filmmaker Donnie Vincent's blood. For him, harvesting big game isn't a hobby or a challenging sport, it's a way of life. His films often explore what it means to be a modern hunter-gather in a world that has moved on to mass-produced meats and food sources. This short film sums all that up perfectly.

In Who We Are, Vincent makes the case for hunting with honesty and passion. His monologue is overlaid with scenes from his hunting trips up in the Northern Territories near the Arctic Circle.

As he explains in the film, hunting is something much deeper than a sport. It's something that drives all of us, regardless of our backgrounds and tastes. It's a primal need, and Vincent is proud to embrace it.

"Don't confuse me with being anything else other than proud. Proud to be a hunter," he says. "It's time we stop apologizing for how we get our protein. This is who we are."

Check out these videos:

How badly do you want to go on hunting adventure up in the north country after watching that film?

As for Vincent's message,  this quote from the film sums it up perfectly:

"Everyone who is on the Earth right now comes from a strong background of hunting, whether you're the president of PETA, or you're a vegetarian, the fact of the matter is your relatives, your ancestors were strong hunters and gathers, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Some people have kind of evolved out of that role, but I think it still lives strong in some of us, but I think it probably lives strong in all of us."

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This Will Make You Proud to Be a Hunter [VIDEO]