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Short Film, ‘Seasons,’ Illustrates the Epitome of Mother Nature [VIDEO]

“Seasons” is a recent production from Universal Vision that is truly awe-inspiring. 

Directed and produced by Nic Davis, this short piece captures the essence of the outdoors though dramatic footage and compelling narratives.

Watch the inspirational video below and listen to Alan Kesselheim and Marypat Zitzer, veteran paddlers out of Bozeman, Montana, discuss how powerful and restorative being outside is for them.

Marypat Zitzer had this to say about being outside; “To me the outdoors is a sense of adrenaline, excitement, adventure, contentment, peace.”

Her husband, Alan Kesselheim, added that when he’s outdoors he feels as though, “it’s church, basically.”

As you just witnessed, the outdoors facilitate a special relationship between people and Mother Nature. It’s something that’s difficult to put into words, and maybe the only way to experience it is to get out there and live it yourself.

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Short Film, ‘Seasons,’ Illustrates the Epitome of Mother Nature [VIDEO]