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Now This is How You Catch Dorado from the Shore

This shore angler puts a nice dorado in the net using his flyrod and some interesting tools.

Here's a fisherman with some tried and true methods for shore fishing that aren't so strange, but at the same time his tools seem to need some updating.

It's a good thing he had a net with an extra long handle.

First of all that's a great catch, from the shore, using a flyrod and some experience! Unfortunately it looks like he got his stripping basket from the home section at Walmart, but it wouldn't be the first time that an angler improvised and used whatever worked.

A net with a long handle is an absolute must for shore fishing situations like this, but his seemed to have a steel bar for a handle the way he was grunting to lift it. Whatever the case, he caught and released a beautiful fish and we didn't so cheers to him!


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Now This is How You Catch Dorado from the Shore