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Shopping in Texas? Yeah, You’re Probably Safe [VIDEO]

This is why you’re safe shopping in Texas.

Shortly after Christmas in the year 1845, the 28th state was admitted into the USA and that state would be called Texas.

Since then Texans have been happily plying the 2nd amendment rights we all take for granted and keeping the great state of Texas safe.

This is how the citizens of the Lone Star State take care of their own.

This an interesting and entertaining piece of video that actually raises a couple of questions:

Was it made, as it says, by people promoting the state of Texas and its great use of firearms rights, or was it made as a spoof of those who carry firearms as “ready to whip them out at the pop of a cork?”

What your opinion: spoof or endorsement?

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Shopping in Texas? Yeah, You’re Probably Safe [VIDEO]