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Shooting the Civil War Springfield 1863, Part II

Civil War Springfield

Hickock45 dusts off his authentic Civil War Springfield 1863 once more and has fun shooting and talking about this relic of the war between the states.

You can tell that Hickock45 really loves shooting his Civil War Springfield 1863. He brought the old gun out at around 10:00 in the morning just to fire it and spend some time at the range with it.

It’s the afternoon at the time of this filming, so he’s had the gun out and has been playing with it for a good part of the day. And who can blame him? Who wouldn’t love to shoot, load, clean and just hold a beautiful and working artifact from the Civil War?

This is the second time that he’s brought the old rifle out and filmed it for his youtube viewers. You can watch the first episode here, and get the nitty gritty details about loading, firing and cleaning the gun.

This episode is mostly just pure enjoyment with a few little quirks and tidbits of information about the Springfield thrown in..

For example, he uses several different ramrods here, as opposed to the single ramrod that comes with the gun. He even shows how to use a screw-head rod to retrieve a lost patch from the  barrel.

They made around 700,000 of the 1861 model during the war, he says. This particular model, the 1863, has a few minor cosmetic changes.

The “dirt” – the burned black powder – that accumulates from firing weapons like this is incredible. The patches he runs through every couple shots come out pretty filthy, as do his hands.

He tries to hit a steel ram target a couple of times and misses, which gives him the opportunity to explain that one of the problems with firing a gun like this is the huge amount of smoke the completely covers the shooter’s field of vision once the trigger is pulled. It takes some skill to fire and hold on target, a target that you are temporarily blinded from seeing.

That was a lot of fun. Watching Hickock45 fire a Civil War Springfield isn’t as much fun as shooting one yourself (I’ve got a Springfield 1873 breech-loading rifle), but it’ll do for a pleasant way to spend 30 minutes or so.

Like what you see here? You can read more great articles by David Smith at his facebook page, Stumpjack Outdoors.

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Shooting the Civil War Springfield 1863, Part II