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Shooting the Smith and Wesson Model 36 J-Frame [VIDEO]

Introduced in 1950, the J-Frame Model 36 revolver has become the gold standard for reliable self defense use and has spawned numerous copies.

The J-frame Chief’s Special (later known as the Model 36) is a small frame, double action revolver introduced in 1950 to replace the older I frame guns chambered in 32 S&W Long and 38 S&W. The new five shot 38 Special snubbie has since spawned numerous copies and Smith still makes the J frame in a variety of configurations.

Despite the advent of reliable automatic pistols, J-frame Smith and Wesson revolvers continue to sell like hot cakes. For the history, specs, and shooting watch here:

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The old J-frame soldiers on. There are guns that are more powerful and hold more rounds, but the J-frame is still a standard to contend with as a concealed carry handgun. It is user friendly, easy to shoot, and has plenty of power for most of your work. What do you think?

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Shooting the Smith and Wesson Model 36 J-Frame [VIDEO]