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Shooting the Smith and Wesson I-Frame [VIDEO]

Terril Hebert

Do you know about the Smith & Wesson I-frame series of revolvers?

Smith & Wesson is synonymous with quality handguns. They are especially known for their revolvers. Their J-frame series continues to be very popular for personal protection but the J-frame is relatively new to their revolver line, dating to 1950.

Before that, the small I-frame revolvers in 32 S&W Long and 38 S&W were the only small frame concealable revolvers that Smith offered. While the I-frame has not been produced since the 1960s, they are fun to shoot, are accurate, and even more comfortable to carry than the little J-frames we see in gun stores today.

Here is a video of my late 40s era Model 1903 I-frame in 32 S&W long:

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The Smith & Wesson I-frame was not perfect. It was not strong enough to handle the more powerful 38 special cartridge, and this is why it fell out of use and was replaced with the J-frame.

These small handguns are made well, fit the hand, and fire highly accurately with mild shooting cartridges. This means a new shooter will not be intimidated.

The 32 S&W long round is an esteemed target round and small game getter. My own use is mostly on paper targets and the occasional armadillo.

Whether you are a handgun hunter, trapper, or a Smith and Wesson aficionado like myself, the little I-frame still has plenty of use.

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Shooting the Smith and Wesson I-Frame [VIDEO]