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Shooting the Remington New Model Pocket Revolver [VIDEO]

Terril Hebert

Remington got back to their origins to stave off bad times in the post-Civil War years with their New Model Pocket revolver.

Samuel Colt’s patents kept Remington out of the revolver business until those patents expired in the 1850s. Their first handgun was a small pocket .31 caliber revolver, and it proved to be a real starting point.

Remington was in a position at the outset of the Civil War to arm the Union since Colt could not produce the guns and would not sell at a lower price. Remington answered the call but paid the price when the war ended. The U.S. government no longer needed guns and the civilian population was heavily armed with surplus handguns, so Remington needed a new gun.

The Remington Pocket Model was the answer as the war ended in 1865 and it sold well, which allowed Remington to stay afloat and reach new successes later. See it in action here:

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Today, Remington’s New Model Pockets are available from Pietta in either a brass frame or a steel frame with either a nickel or blued finish. The gun is true to the original design, which is little more than Remington’s first revolver except with a small spur trigger that is protected by a sheath.

The gun wears a 3 1/2-inch octagonal barrel with a front blade sight and a rear groove cut in the top strap of the frame. The sights are next to useless as the gun shoots unusually high even at close range. The gun’s hammer is easy to access and the small loading lever on the gun actually works well to load considering the lack of leverage. The trigger pull is light which is conducive of good groups but some 18 inches high.

These guns can be had at the $200 mark and are very economical to shoot using tiny 50 grain balls and only ten grains of FFFg black powder. I have owned mine for several years and used it to dispatch rabbit and paper targets. If you like black powder revolvers but want something that does not weigh you down, consider the Remington Pocket model.

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Shooting the Remington New Model Pocket Revolver [VIDEO]