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Shooting the NAA Mini Revolver .22 Magnum [VIDEO]

The NAA Mini Revolver is small in size yet packs a punch and is guaranteed to be with you when you need it most.

The NAA Mini Revolver and its many variants are very popular as novelty guns, but the reality is that they are made to shoot and serve a purpose as the gun you have with you at all times.

At only 4.2 ounces and less than five inches long it does just that. While short barreled handguns are known for inaccuracy, see here just how accurate the little NAA can be.

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Economics of Basic Reloading

We can argue all day long about the ineffectiveness of .22 caliber rimfire handguns for self protection, but you cannot argue a reason why you cannot incorporate one of these fine little guns into your wardrobe.

The NAA Mini is hard to hold onto with the stock grip and you won’t be reloading in a hurry. Accepting these realities, I still think the NAA is a fun gun to shoot and a good companion for a run in town.

The NAA Mini is a lot of things, but a novelty is not one of them.

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Shooting the NAA Mini Revolver .22 Magnum [VIDEO]