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Shooting Futuristic Armor-Piercing Shotgun Darts [VIDEO]

This video tests six different heavy duty metal shotgun darts to see which designs perform best in attempting to penetrate a 1/4-inch steel plate.

It seems we never tire of playing with either shooting unusual projectiles or shooting at unusual objects.

We are curious about how various projectiles perform compared to standard bullets or pellets, and we're curious about how such projectiles stand up against different materials.

Why the endless curiosity and effort? Because it's fun! We need no more complicated a reason than that.

A Mossberg 590 smooth bore shotgun was used to shoot these metal darts, and several camera angles and speeds show the action in detail.

There are other videos with more shotgun darts testing on the TAOFLEDERMAUS YouTube channel.

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Shooting Futuristic Armor-Piercing Shotgun Darts [VIDEO]