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Shooting Frozen Guns and Ammo [VIDEO]

Ever wonder what would happen to a gun if shot at -110 Degrees Fahrenheit? 

In this video you will learn what a negative degree gun and ammunition combination will do.

The results of this experiment may well just surprise you.

Shooting absolutely frozen sub-zero temperature ammunition and guns is generally not a good idea. As they said on this video, do not do this at home.

Super frozen ammunition is tested in this video and also a frozen Hipoint .45 caliber pistol. Dry ice was used to super cool the test subjects to about -110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accuracy and recoil were reduced. Power factor was also lowered. Decreased pressures were found. Brass was made more brittle in the pistol cartridges.

The bullets all went boom, but were less than ideal compared to the normal temperature cartridges. It’s still a really cool experiment.

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Shooting Frozen Guns and Ammo [VIDEO]