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Shooting the Faxon Prototype ARAK-31 XRS .308 Win [VIDEO]


Check out the smooth-shooting new .308 prototype from Faxon!

Eric, also known as Iraqveteran8888 comes at us with another cool shooting video.

This time, he gives us a short look at some of the Faxon ARAKs. In particular, their new ARAK-31 in .308. Check it out.

The ARAK series is certainly an interesting combination of the features of an AR-15 and AK-47. It always seems people are firmly fans of one or the other. If you are one of those who simply can’t decide between the two, this might be the best of both worlds.

I know it’s just a prototype, but the ARAK-31 certainly appears to be a very smooth-shooting rifle. For anyone in the market for an auto-loading .308, it appears this might be something to keep an eye on as Faxon further refines the design.

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Shooting the Faxon Prototype ARAK-31 XRS .308 Win [VIDEO]