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Shooting Down Drones With Machine Guns Ain't Easy [VIDEO]

Taking down a small drone with hundreds of machine guns is much harder than it seems.

Hundreds of shooters found that out during the Big Sandy Shoot held earlier this year in the high desert of Arizona.

Hundreds of machine gun owners gathered along a quarter-mile-long row to fire at targets in the desert.

This year's event included a special target: a small, fast-moving R/C drone.

Shooters were invited to shoot down the drone as it flew through the sky a few hundred yards from the firing tents.

Despite all their heavy firepower, the gunners found it nearly impossible to shoot the drone down.

Check out the machine gun mayhem.

YouTube user TAOFLEDERMUS, who posted the video earlier this month, explained why the R/C craft was tough to hit.

"I'm sure to those who have never shot a machine gun outside of Call of Duty, it looks like it would be easy to shoot these down. The vital components of the plane like the engine, battery, receiver, fuel tank, etc. are very small. The main body of the plane is pretty tough and can take numerous hits without affecting it."

Also, the pilot who operated the R/C drone in the video was highly skilled and clearly knows how to dodge a bullet or two.

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Shooting Down Drones With Machine Guns Ain't Easy [VIDEO]