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Shooting Drill: The Time Machine by Frank Proctor [VIDEO]

Not all drills need to be tactical in nature.

No, this drill does not go back to 1955, it doesn’t need a Delorean, and you certainly can’t move at 88 miles per hour! However, movement and speed is required in this drill.

Frank Proctor from the Way of the Gun shows us a modified version of his drill he developed called the Time Machine. Here we see movement to a certain point and a reload before turning and engaging a last target.

As Frank mentions in the video, this is not a tactical shooting drill but more of a fundamentals drill. These kinds of shooting drills are needed from time to time to work on the basics of what we are doing. In this drill we can work on movement, reloads and transitions.

Shooting fast is good, but shooting accurately at the same time is better. Missing fast won’t win a gun fight. Make sure to practice movements and shot placement and then work on your speed.

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Shooting Drill: The Time Machine by Frank Proctor [VIDEO]