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Shooting Drill: Accurately Shooting on the Move [VIDEO]

Standing still in a gunfight will get you killed. 

When a gunfight breaks out around you, unless you are incredibly lucky and already standing behind cover, chances are pretty good you are going to need to move to find cover and then get out of the area.

While you are moving, you may want to be returning fire to protect yourself. Standing still in the open returning fire is a great way to get yourself shot. But moving and accurately shooting is sometimes one of the more difficult skills to master when training.

In this video, Adam Painchaud from the Sig Sauer Academy and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) team up to show you some tips to shoot accurately while moving.

As long as you are moving smoothly, you can keep shots on target quickly and easily. Start out slow and make sure you don’t try moving too awkwardly. Smooth is fast, as they say.

Always be moving when you find yourself involved in a gun fight. That is the best way to stay alive.

If you want to practice moving while shooting, try a Practical Shooting Sport like IDPA or USPSA. Both will give you a taste of shooting on the move and being accurate at the same time.

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Shooting Drill: Accurately Shooting on the Move [VIDEO]