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Shooting Drill: The Pinball Wizard by Frank Proctor [VIDEO]

You might think there has to be a twist, but to master this machine, you need to see your targets.

Unlike the 1975 movie “Tommy” and the lyrics from The Who, you actually have to see to make this drill work. The idea behind the drill is to be able to adjust your vision ahead of the gun to line up your next shot before the gun gets there and make a good transition. It takes more then just a supple wrist.

In this video, Frank Proctor, from Way of the Gun, demonstrates his drill, the Pinball Wizard.

As you can see, the idea behind the Pinball Wizard is you bounce back and forth between targets, getting ever farther apart. This is a transition practice drill. As Frank mentions in the video, to master this drill you need to be able to move your eyes to the next target and see it before you engage it.

I could see this being adapted to use with a pistol (if Frank has not already done that). I could also see moving the targets a little closer for use with the pistol, but the mechanics being the same. That way you’ll be moving quickly back and forth between targets to get that transition practice in.


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Shooting Drill: The Pinball Wizard by Frank Proctor [VIDEO]