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Shooting Drill: IKEA Drill by Instructor Zero [VIDEO]

Skill-building is taken quite literally in this drill.

Most drills don’t make you build your gun before you can shoot them, but in this drill, that is exactly what you need to do. Named after the company that sells furniture in which “some assembly required” is the norm, you will need to rebuild the gun to make it operational before firing it.

Instructor Zero shows us how the IKEA drill is done with three guns.

Being able to assemble, load and accurately fire each gun that fast takes some skill.

Now before everyone goes, “When am I EVER going to need to be able to do this?” you need to understand this is not a tactical drill. Unless you always keep your home defense firearm broken down all the time, you will never need this drill in a tactical sense.

This drill is designed to make you think. This is a brain drill. It forces you to think about what you are doing as you are assembling the gun. It practices those fine motor skills that we need.

This drill actually looks quite fun. If I get the chance, I may try it the next time I am on the range. It would also work for dry fire practice. Race your significant other or another shooting buddy to assemble the gun and see who can get the first shot off the fastest.

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Shooting Drill: IKEA Drill by Instructor Zero [VIDEO]