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Shooting Drill: The FBI Qualification Test


Shoot like the top law enforcement agency in the country.

Joe Pistone. J. Edgar Hoover. William Mark Felt. What do all these names have in common? If you guessed they were FBI agents, you are correct. Hoover was the first director of the FBI, building the agency up from the 1920s to what we know it as today.

The modern FBI is the top law enforcement agency in the country. They are responsible for investigation crimes at the federal level all across the country. But like any law enforcement agency, the agents that join must go through training to weed out the best and the brightest in their field. That includes use of their firearm.

The current FBI Qualification Course was developed from 17 years worth of data that showed that most engagements were in close quarters versus the long distances that the FBI agents were training to shoot from. The new course emphasizes engagements from 3-25 yards now, half the distance the old test used. As you will see though, the test is heavily weighted towards target engagement in the three- to seven-yard area. You only move the target out two yards after each stage of fire. This is the zone where most gunfights have occurred.

Do you want to see how you stack up to the G-men? Try running the course below. Note that this does take some movement and shooting from cover, so you will probably have to shoot this at an outdoor range for the full effect, but you can still run this on an indoor range.

Law Enforcement Targets
Law Enforcement Targets

The Drill

You will need the following for the drill:

  • The QIT-99 Target like the one above.
  • 60 Rounds of Ammo
  • A concealment garment

All shots are taken from concealment. Each round shot is one point. Any hits in the target area count. The Course of Fire is as follows:

Stage 1: 3-yard line

  • 3 rounds in 3 seconds, strong hand only. Repeat 2x
  • 3 rounds strong hand only, 3 rounds weak hand only in 8 seconds

After Stage 1, you then shoot freestyle, meaning using both hands, for the rest of the Course of Fire.

Stage 2: 5-yard line

  • 3 rounds in 3 seconds. Repeat 4x.

Stage 3: 7-yard line

  • 4 rounds in 4 seconds. Repeat 2x
  • 4 rounds, reload from slide lock, 4 rounds in 8 seconds.

Stage 4: 15-yard line

  • 3 rounds in 6 seconds. Repeat 2x
  • 4 rounds in 8 seconds

This last part is the part where you need cover. You could still do this without cover, but again, it loses a little something.

Stage 5: 25-yard line

  • Move to cover and fire 2 rounds standing, 3 rounds kneeling in 15 seconds, Repeat 2x

That’s it. Now just total up your score and see how you compare to the requirements to be a federal agent. The requirement for an agent to pass is to shoot 48 out of 60 rounds.

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Shooting Drill: The FBI Qualification Test