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Shooting the Classic Walther PP [VIDEO]

The Walther PP was the first double action auto pistol and a classic by any measure. Introduced in 1929, it is still a great shooter.

We are all familiar with the Walther PPK as the weapon of Nazi officers, policemen, and spies both real and fictional. But its bigger brother, the PP, started it all.

In 1929, Karl Walther introduced his “polizeipistole,” or police pistol. It was a blowback-operated 7.65mm (.32 ACP) pistol that operates on a 3.9-inch fixed barrel with a monstrous recoil spring keeping the slide forward until the bullet is out of the barrel. It featured an innovative hammer drop safety that de-cocks the hammer and allows for the gun to be fired with the hammer down with a long trigger pull for the first shot.

The same design was shortened in the barrel and grip to create the Walther PPK only two years later. The same basic blowback design and the gun’s hammer drop safety and double action firing capability is widely copied. While the PP has been out of production for a time, the PPK remains in production. A testament to a solid design that also looks good.

See this classic pistol in action here:

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The PP remains in my collection for a reason. It is a piece of hand-gunning history that also shoots well. They can often be bought for about $400 or so but more collectable versions from the Nazi era fetch a pretty penny.

.32 ACP and .380 ACP are popular pocket gun calibers so finding ammo will not be a problem. The only problem will be affording more ammo because shooting the PP gets too fun too fast.

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Shooting the Classic Walther PP [VIDEO]