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Shooting the Chiappa 1886 Kodiak Rifle [VIDEO]

The Chiappa 1886 Kodiak rifle is perfect when you need that beast to go down quick.

Whether it’s a mean bear or an angry moose, a quick shooting big bore rifle is essential for your hunt, and sometimes your survival.

In this video the Chiappa 1886 Kodiak rifle is given a good work out at the range.

The Chiappa 1886 Kodiak rifle would be perfect as a companion in thick cover.

With the heavy punch it would be great as a bear and moose rifle in such places as Kodiak Island. The gun’s name lives up to the location it is named after.

If you ever find yourself facing down a giant brown bear you definitely will want this rifle as your friend.

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Shooting the Chiappa 1886 Kodiak Rifle [VIDEO]