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Shooting Ruger’s “Bear and Beast Killer” [VIDEO]

The Ruger Super Redhawk Toklat .454 Casull Revolver is the perfect carry in territories where large toothy predators live.

This super sized revolver is test fired by Hickok 45 to see what it has to offer.

Check out this video and decide for yourself if you are ready to tackle the .454 Casull any time soon.

The Ruger .454 Toklat Super Redhawk revolver is a big gun ready to do battle with any big bear.

Hickok 45 tests out this brute on his own target range to see what it can actually do. Who wouldn’t be impressed by this big bore tank-like revolver from Ruger?

If you’re looking for a bear-sized revolver, look no further.

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Shooting Ruger’s “Bear and Beast Killer” [VIDEO]