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Shooting AKs the Russian Way, Or How to Avoid the Cheek Slap

Shooting the AK is easy. Shooting the AK correctly isn’t. See how the operators from AK Operators Union do just that.

Shooting AK’s recreationally can be fun. However when shooting for the kill shot and trying to protect yourself from incoming rounds, it’s best to use the technique in the video. Balance and proper shoulder placement are two huge steps to pay attention to in beginning to shoot accurately with a rifle.

The AK doesn’t really have a buffer tube the way an AR15 does. Naturally the frame and wood stock will absorb the remaining rearward force, causing the rifle to snap up and forward when trying to displace the remaining energy.

Even using the mag-well grip, trying to stabilize as much as the rifle from the center as possible will still result in some force being directed towards your cheek bone. The tips in the video will definitely help making shooting the AK fun and for lack of a better word pleasant.

Shooters often forget how rough you have to be with the AK when your trying to maneuver and manipulate the rifle while still engaging. Walking and shooting accurately is no easy task by any means. Throw in body armor and you have a whole new obstacle to combat while your engaging the targets.

Special tips I learned while on active duty was to lean far forward just like in the video while sighting in with your optic and keeping your elbows pulled in as much as possible. Keeping both eyes open and looking forward you can help keep your balance by walking carefully and slowly even if you are uncomfortably leaning forward.

The best forward movement shots can be taken while focusing on balance, posture, and pace. Switching shoulder placement from time to time while training can help get you used to turning corners indoors.

Stay vigilant and remember its better to train 10-15 min a day than to wait weeks or months to get on the range and try to gear up. Repetition is crucial to familiarity and effectiveness with your weapons.

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Shooting AKs the Russian Way, Or How to Avoid the Cheek Slap