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Shooting 800 Yards with a .58 Caliber 1861 Springfield Rifle

Those rifles in the Civil War were only short range weapons, right?

Better hold your horses and call off the charge the 1861 Springfield Rifle is a long range shooter.

Watch and see an epic 800-yard hit from a 1861 Springfield Rifle.

The Civil War black powder muzzleloading rifles are thought of by many to be inaccurate and only short range weapons. This is certainly not the case in this video shared by Youtuber mag30th proves beyond a doubt.

Targeting a steel plate at an astonishing 800 yards away this shooter uses a 1861 Springfield Rifle to make an actual hit way out there with a big .58 caliber slug. The trajectory dropped like a rock at that range bit the big chunk of lead still made a really loud ping at that distance.

If you think muzzleloading rifles are inaccurate, you just might want to watch this mind blowing video.


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Shooting 800 Yards with a .58 Caliber 1861 Springfield Rifle