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#TheShooting50, Vol. 2: Top Twitter Accounts to Follow in the Firearms Industry

#TheShooting50 is our list of the most influential Twitter profiles in the firearms industry.

This is our second year of compiling a list of #TheShooting50, made up of 50 Twitter accounts that you should be following if you’re any sort of gun enthusiast.

As the firearm industry joins together for their biggest gathering of the year, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show (@nssfshotshow and @NSSF on Twitter, by the way. They could be numbered 1A. and 1B. on this list) in Las Vegas, it’s always helpful to tune in to the event via Twitter and other social media channels. Brands, personalities and organizations are always sharing the experience for the online audience.

Read last year’s Shooting 50 list.

See our recent list, #TheArchery25, a collection of top Twitter accounts to follow in the archery industry. 

The SHOT Show is the largest shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show in the world, and we thought we’d highlight more of the brands that will be showing off their latest and greatest to the masses this year. That doesn’t mean we left out others, but when it comes to making noise in the gun game, these are the folks to keep an eye on.


Now that you know what to expect, here’s #TheShooting50:

50. C.J. Chivers – @cjchivers


C. J. Chivers writes for The New York Times and authored “THE GUN, a history of automatic arms & their influence on war.” While not strictly gun-oriented, Chivers has a unique perspective when he does discuss them.

49. Liberty Safe – @libertysafeinc


You don’t fool around with gun safes, and Liberty doesn’t fool around with their products. One of the biggest safe manufacturers in the world, their role in the shooting industry is bigger than most realize.

48. Mossy Oak – @MossyOak


A hunter has to be concealed if he’s going to be successful with his gun, especially when hunting deer, turkey and other game. If it weren’t for Mossy Oak (and their great Twitter account), there may not be nearly as many happy hunters by the end of the season.

47. NcStar Optics – @NcSTAROptics


NcStar optics makes quality riflescopes, pistol scopes, reflex sights, tactical lasers and flashlights, binoculars, spotting scopes, mounts, and scope rings. They’re a worthy follow for their product news.

46. Destinee – @FateofDestinee


Destinee is a YouTube personality, writer and gun enthusiast who knows how to keep things interesting. Follow for a female view on the shooting world’s biggest buzzworthy topics.

45. Nosler – @NoslerInc


Nosler makes some of the most innovative ammo on the market. Their Twitter account is really interactive, and provides some great sneak peeks at the latest arrivals.

44. Badlands Packs – @BadlandsPacks


Badlands gives the hunter a way to move in and out of the field with any and everything they need to carry, including their trusty gun. Follow them for all kinds of cool content.

43. Eric R. Poole – @black5projects


Eric R. Poole is the relatively new editor of Guns & Ammo magazine. His military background and modern view of the firearms world help provide followers with a fresh voice and perspective.

42. Barska – @BarskaOptics


Barska makes some of the finest optics in the hunting niche, and though not as active as some others on this list, their Twitter account is a worthy follow.

41. Primos –@Primos_Hunting


Primos, maker of game calls and more, is always a force to be reckoned with when the quality and performance of their products is on the line. Check out their account for some pretty cool stuff.

40. ATN Nightvision – @ATN_Nightvision


Get ready to hear more out of ATN, as their night vision, scopes, thermal imaging and binoculars are becoming more and more popular.

39. Springfield Armory – @Springfield_Inc


Springfield Armory is a pretty famous name, if not for its longevity, than for its take on the handguns and rifles manufactured in the company’s facilities. Their Twitter account has almost 25,000 followers; there’s no wondering why.

38. Blue Sheepdog – @BlueSheepdog

bluesheepdog is a gun blog operated by knowledgeable gun enthusiasts who bring the Average Joe all the firearm info they need.

37. Taurus – @TaurusUSA


Taurus shook the shooting ground with the Curve, a brand new way to look at how carry guns are constructed. Their tweets are generally connections to their Facebook page, but they maintain a robust amount of cool content.

36. Trijicon – @Trijicon


With a tag like “Brilliant Aiming Solutions,” Trijicon is setting out to change the world of shooting optics for hunters, law enforcement, and just about any other shooting category there is.

35. Vanguard – @VanguardHunting


After cracking into the riflescope and binocular game, Vanguard provided even more hunting accessories, like shooting sticks and cases. When it comes down to it, a shooter’s success can be dependent on their products.

34. Rocky Boots – @RockyGear


It may seem weird that a boot company is found on this list, but when you think about it, hunting with a gun requires us to go places that subpar boots just can’t handle. Rocky has a great Twitter account for the sportsman in all of us.

33. Hickok45 – @Hickok45


This guy… Hickok45 has generated more recognition through a YouTube channel than just about any other DIY, self-produced, shoot-in-your-own-backyard gun nut that’s attempted such a thing.

32. Military Arms – @MAC_Arms


If you’re into military-style firearms, the Military Arms Channel is a must-follow. Reviews, news, and really cool Instagram photos are shared through its Twitter account.

31. Lee Williams – @HT_Gunwriter


Lee Williams is a smart and savvy gun columnist, writing for multiple outlets including A self-described unabashed tactical shooter, Williams loves to share interesting stories and perspectives with his gun-loving followers.

30. Bass Pro Shops – @Bass_Pro_Shops


A renowned retailer of shooting supplies, ammo and of course guns, Bass Pro Shops has cracked into the stratosphere of outdoor commerce. Follow their account for plenty of deals, new products and exclusive contests.

29. Shooting Illustrated – @ShootingIllustr


Listen to Shooting Illustrated for some of the latest and most interesting stories and content out of the firearm industry.

28. Crimson Trace – @CrimsonTrace


Laser sights and tactical lights, two of the shooting industry’s more innovative and forward-thinking areas, are Crimson Trace’s specialty. They tweet all the time and their nearly 25,000 followers love the mix of info, images, and more.



The military, law enforcement and commercial markets are thankful FNH is making its mark, and their Twitter account is a worthy follow.

26. Gun Broker – @GunBroker


Buying a gun online has never been easier, thanks to Follow their Twitter account to get the latest info.

25. Bushnell – @Bushnell


For years Bushnell has given the shooter a reliable way to know exactly what the ammo shot from their firearm is about to do. Follow their extensive social media accounts for a ton of great stuff.

24. Fred Mastison – @ForceOptions


Fred Mastison is president of Force Options, a training facility for professional firearms and combative skills. His perspective is one of honesty and candidness.

23. Browning – @BrowningArms


Browning, one of the favorites among purist sportsmen, will always have something to share on their Twitter feed.

22. Cheaper Than Dirt – @cheaperthandirt


If you need to find a specific kind of ammo, and your local gun shop or retailer just can’t keep up with demand, Cheaper Than Dirt is where you go.

21. Daniel Defense – @DanielDefense


The name sparks memories of Super Bowl commercials, but Daniel Defense needs to be known for more than that. Follow their Twitter account and find out why.

20. Leupold – @LeupoldOptics


Leupold riflescopes and other optic equipment set the standard. Check them out on Twitter for some great product info and interaction.

19. Gun Digest – @GunDigest


Gun Digest is one of the more engaging Twitter accounts in the industry, and they’re always filling in their followers on what’s new and interesting.

18. Benelli – @Benelli_USA


Always coming out with something unheard of before, Benelli makes sure gun owners get the greatest product, and their social media following provides a pretty great product itself.

17. Vortex Optics – @VortexOptics


We know optics and shooting go hand in hand, but when you need something reliable, Vortex is going to fit the bill. Their Twitter stream is full of great stories, videos, images and product info.

16. Federal Premium – @FederalPremium


Federal Premium has to be one of the more well-known ammo companies, and their Twitter following proves it. You see the name everywhere, you might as well see it in your Twitter feed, too.

15. Tom Gresham – @Guntalk


Tom Gresham is the host of Gun Talk, which is broadcast every Sunday. It’s been going nearly 20 years, talking guns with an emphasis on safety, personal responsibility and common courtesy.

14. Winchester – @Winchester


Everybody knows the Winchester name, but their Twitter account, with all 61,000 followers, gives a unique look at one of the biggest companies in the guns and shooting arena.

13. Plano – @plano


If you own a gun of any kind, you’re going to want it protected when traveling and not in use. That’s where Plano comes in, and the Twitter account as well. Follow for great product info and more.

12. Beretta – @Beretta_USA


Beretta guns aren’t just fun to look at, they’re capable of amazing things. Known as “Beretta Nation,” the huge fan base that uses Beretta products gets great feedback from the brand’s Twitter account, and vice versa.

11. Cabela’s – @Cabelas


The World’s Foremost Outfitter” is a no-brainer follow on Twitter for any hunting, shooting or outdoor enthusiast.

10. Glock Inc. – @GlockINC


Glock’s Twitter feed gives updates on their full line of products and news about Team Glock.

9. Realtree – @Realtree


It makes sense that a camo company would be high on this list. Realtree puts patterns on plenty of guns, but their Twitter account has awesome videos, images and plenty more to entertain followers.

8. Sig Sauer – @TheRealSigSauer


Sig Sauer makes noise in the firearms world regularly, and one of the best ways to stay on top of them is to follow them on Twitter.

7. Colt Firearms Manufacturing – @ColtFirearms


Contests, product info and plenty of interaction from the Colt Twitter account makes it worthy of adding to the list.

6. Colion Noir – @MrColionNoir


NRA News commentator Colion Noir knows his stuff, and speaks to the new generation of gun owners through his various social media outlets.

5. – @Guns_com


If a news story features a gun, odds are covered it. They’re on top of the industry when it comes to timely news and info.

4. Smith & Wesson – @SmithWessonCorp


The big dogs, the leaders, and perhaps the most famous gun name in the game, Smith & Wesson’s Twitter account is followed by more than 100,000 people.

3. Remington Arms – @remingtonarms


Remington may be the oldest gunmaker in the U.S., but their Twitter account is as fresh and modern as it gets.

2. TrackingPoint – @trackingpoint


TrackingPoint keeps innovating, and the Texas company is more of a household name than ever. Don’t turn your back on them, they’ll come out with something awesome and you’ll miss it.

1. The National Rifle Association – @NRA


The NRA takes the top spot in #TheShooting50 for the second year in a row. Little’s changed, they’re still the account to follow to stay in the know when it comes to firearms.


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#TheShooting50, Vol. 2: Top Twitter Accounts to Follow in the Firearms Industry