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Shooting a 3D-Printed Black Powder Pistol [VIDEO]

Get a load of the first 3D-printed black powder pistol in action.

Working in the IT and Technology fields most of my career, I always get excited when something new and exciting comes along that can change the face of both my career and hobbies. This is no exception.

3D Printing is still really young, but the equipment is slowly coming down toward being affordable. Dedicated makers have them already. In this video from zimrkn, we have a short demonstration of a 3D-printed black powder pistol. This is pretty cool in the sense that someone was able to think of this and make it work.

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According to the description, this pistol uses a high voltage power source to ignite 10 gr of black powder and shoot a BB. Since there is such a short barrel length, the BB doesn’t fly very fast.

There have been attempts at creating AR lowers and pistols. Plans were posted online but have since been removed. Solid Concepts was able to 3D Print an all metal 1911 pistol (Read about that here). The legality of this is questionable without a Federal Firearms License with the proper endorsements, so you assume all risk.

What do you think about 3D printed guns? Would you try it? Should it be legal without an FFL? Share your thoughts below.

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Shooting a 3D-Printed Black Powder Pistol [VIDEO]