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Shooting the No. 1 Mk. III SMLE 303 British [VIDEO]

Terril Hebert

The short magazine Lee Enfield rifle is a Victorian classic that gives modern scout rifles a run for their money.

People have always referred to me as a scout rifle type of fellow. I do admit finding iron sighted bolt action rifles that hold a bucket of bullets to be more appealing than just about any semi automatic rifle out today.

Arguably one of the very first of its kind is the No. 1 Mk III SMLE 303 British. This ten-shot carbine length battle rifle was so appealing to me, I named my YouTube channel after it and I was quite ecstatic to get my hands on one. See it in action here:

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Shooting the SMLE is quite an experience. The gun’s quick handing, fast bolt action, light trigger pull, and ten-shot capacity make it obvious why Commonwealth forces and foreign freedom fighters clung to them for so long.

Here is a relic of the past that gives modern bolt guns a run for their money.

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Shooting the No. 1 Mk. III SMLE 303 British [VIDEO]