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A Shooter's Bucket List

What are some things a shooter should do before they die? Here is one shooter's bucket list.

The famous Bucket List. That list of dreams and desires that we all want to do be before we die. We all have one, whether or not we actually have it written down. There was even a movie made about one man's wishes to do certain things before he died. Climb a mountain, dive to the ocean floor, drive a stock car around the track at full speed. These are all things that people would not do normally, but would love to do at least once.

Shooters are no different. There are places we want to go, guns we want to shoot and people we want to meet. Some of us have certain classes or academies we want to go to. Whatever it is, these are our dreams, our wants. These are the only way we would feel like our shooting life would be complete.

When I got started in the shooting sports, I was so overwhelmed and wanted to do everything. After a while, I realized that doing everything this hobby entailed would be almost impossible. I started to create a list and narrowed down the things that I would like to do some day.

I thought that maybe sharing my list would help others figure out things that they wanted to do. Some of these things could be on your list, or used as idea starters for your own.

So without farther ado, my Shooting Bucket List:

  • Visit NRA Headquarters: I joined the NRA last year with a life time membership and at some point would like to go to headquarters and look around. I would also love to be able to shoot on the range and visit the National Firearms Museum while there.
  • Shoot in the IDPA Carolina Cup: Since I started shooting competitivly in the last couple of years, I think it would be so much fun to try to shoot in the IDPA Carolina Cup. I don't know how well I would place, but I would still love to shoot in a major match like that.
  • Shoot in a major state IDPA or Steel Challenge Match: Again, I think it would be so much fun to try to shoot my best and meet some of the major names in the various shooting sports.
  • Shoot a .50 cal Machine gun/Go to the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot: Every year they hold a machine gun shoot in Knob Creek, KY. I would love to go down there one year and shoot a .50 Cal machine gun.
  • Take a training class from Gunsite, Tactical Defense Institute or some other advanced training facility: I always advocate training. You can never have too much. I would love to go to a major training facilty and take a class from a professional instructor. Some of them are incredibly hard to get into, but it would be worth it.
  • Buy a Colt Python: One gun I would love to add to my collection one day would be a Colt Python with the 6 inch barrel in .357 Mag.

This is just a short list of things I would love to do. There are so many more. I even have a Bucket List of guns I would love to add to my collection.

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We all need to have dreams and goals in our hobbies and lives. These are what help to shape and define our futures.

What are some of the things on your shooting bucket list? Share them with us below!

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A Shooter's Bucket List