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Shooters Beware: This Is What Shooting a Squib Load Looks Like [VIDEO]

Shooters Beware This Is What Shooting A Squib Load Looks Like

This first-person video, taken during a pistol match, shows what a squib load looks like.

A squib load occurs when a bullet is fired without enough force to exit the barrel. This can be extremely dangerous because the stuck bullet then becomes an obstruction in the barrel.

If the shooter does not notice what happened and fires another bullet without ensuring that the barrel is cleared, it can damage or destroy the gun and potentially injure the shooter or others standing nearby.

Check out the video to see exactly what shooting a squib load looks like from the perspective of the shooter.

Fortunately for this shooter, the safety officer noticed that he had fired a squib load and stopped him from the potentially catastrophic result of firing another round with an obstructed barrel.

The bottom line? If you experience a malfunction at the shooting range similar to the one in the video, clear your firearm and check the barrel. Whatever you do, don't fire another shot until you are certain that the barrel is not obstructed because of a squib load.

While they can also happen in high quality factory ammunition, squib loads are most common in reloaded ammunition when a cartridge is accidentally loaded with a reduced load of powder, or the powder is missing entirely.

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Shooters Beware: This Is What Shooting a Squib Load Looks Like [VIDEO]