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Shooter Tests Out Her 4 Favorite Anti-Zombie Guns [VIDEO]

What are your four favorite zombie guns?

This shooter has some great choices for the zombie apocalypse.

Watch this video and see her great picks.

When the day comes that the un-dead walk the face of the planet, you'll need protection. This young lady has four great weapons that are sure to take down any zombie.

Her picks are Ruger Mark III Target .22 LR pistol, the CZ75 BD Police 9mm handgun, a carbon fiber SRC Windham Weaponry AR-15 rifle in 5.56x45mm and the mighty Smith and Wesson 500 magnum. Each fits all parameters when it comes to battling the un-dead.

Do you agree with her gun picks for beating an unsuspecting zombie target?

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Shooter Tests Out Her 4 Favorite Anti-Zombie Guns [VIDEO]