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Shooter Makes Bolt-Action Rifle Look Like a Semi-Auto [VIDEO]

bolt-action rifle

This video shows some freaky fast bolt work by a bolt-action rifle shooter.

The shooter in this video makes his bolt-action rifle seem like it is a semi-auto. His impressively fast bolt work is the sign of a seasoned shooter with hours and hours of range time.

The fluid and smooth action is like second nature to the shooter in question. It is definitely a skill that many shooters would be envious of. That includes hunters.

Just imagine how fast this guy is ready for a second shot in the field!

This video takes place during a shooting competition and it is easy to see how that would help him do better in competition as well. His bolt-action rifle looks like an extension of his body while shooting at a target 550 yards away.

The target was a 10-inch rectangular plate that was moving back and forth at approximately three miles per hour. The rifle used was a custom built bolt-action rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmor.

Keep your eyes on the shooter to the left of the video and don’t blink. If you do, you’ll never believe he is shooting a bolt-action rifle!

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Shooter Makes Bolt-Action Rifle Look Like a Semi-Auto [VIDEO]