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Would You Shoot with the TrackingPoint Shotview?

TrackingPoint Shotview
Image via Screenshot

The TrackingPoint Shotview is an advanced technology that allows you to accurately hit a target without actually looking at it.

The next generation of shooting is here and the TrackingPoint Shotview is just one part of it. This amazing technology allows a shooter to tag a target and then accurately re-locate and fire on that target without putting themselves in danger.

The TrackingPoint Shotview works by streaming a live view to intelligent eye-wear, allowing the wearer to zone in and re-locate the selected target and fire without exposing their head and face. Check it out in this demonstration below.

Pretty neat right? Being able to hit a soda bottle at 500 yards is tough enough even when under the best of conditions, but being able to do it while looking in an entirely different direction is taking things to a whole new level.

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Would You Shoot with the TrackingPoint Shotview?