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How NOT to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Pistol [VIDEO]

What’s wrong with the grip on the semi-automatic pistol in the picture above?

We’ve heard from hickok45 before, and his videos never fail to both teach and entertain. Whether he’s harvesting his Christmas tree with a shotgun or carving pumpkins with a pistol, he’s always popping up with useful videos.

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Get a load of this great clip and great tip from hickok45, and pay attention to his unique replacement for a human thumb.

Seriously, if that hot dog was your finger, you’d be at a loss. Literally.

If this isn’t one of the most obvious, yet most important, reminders for beginner semi-automatic shooters, we don’t know what is.

Have you ever committed this shooting faux pas? Do you have the knuckle scars to prove it? Leave a comment below.

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How NOT to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Pistol [VIDEO]