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Learn How to Shoot a Revolver Safely [VIDEO]

When shooting a revolver, some safety precautions must be kept in mind.

Hickok45 explains what to do and what not to do when shooting a revolver.

Watch this video to make sure that you are shooting a revolver correctly.

Shooting a revolver requires a few safety precautions. Hickok45 shows the correct way to fire a revolver.

A revolver has a cylinder that has a space between the cylinder and the barrel’s forcing cone. Hot gases and possibly shrapnel can spew from that opening, potentially injuring the shooter. If you keep body parts away from that area, you will be okay.

Hickok45 uses a piece of paper to show you the power of the gases escaping from that gap. He makes confetti quickly.

Revolvers are a blast to shoot but watch that cylinder gap; it can bite.

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Learn How to Shoot a Revolver Safely [VIDEO]