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How NOT To Shoot a Machine Gun [VIDEO]

These are some of the bad things that can happen when shooting a full auto machine gun.

Hickok45 has some tips for you to keep you safe while shooting on the range. Here is the video with some fun full auto action.

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How many of us have gotten an opportunity to shoot a full auto machine gun? Raise your hands. Luckily I have had that privilege and it was so much fun. If you ever get the opportunity to do the same, you need to keep in mind that shooting open bolt guns are a whole different ball game.

In the description for the video, Hickok45 says:

“Open Bolt select-fire machine pistols / subguns are different sort of animal, even slightly counter intuitive when it comes to operating the bolt and such. There are things you do NOT want to do when operating them.”

Share with us your experience when shooting a machine gun for the first time. Were you nervous? Did you make a mistake?

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How NOT To Shoot a Machine Gun [VIDEO]