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Shoot Like a Girl

Females looking to get into hunting should check out Shoot Like a Girl, a company that seeks to introduce women to working with firearms and helps them to hone their shooting skills in an innovative and communal fashion.

Founded in 2008, Shoot Like a Girl has worked for five years to “Grow the number of women in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence,” and the company’s recent expansion hints that they are doing a wonderful job of meeting those goals.

One result of that expansion will be on display in December, at the 2013 Rodeo FanFest. There, Shoot Like a Girl will unveil a new program – called Firearms Test Shots – which will aim to spread interest among female FanFest attendants by offering an easy way to pick up a firearm and try out shooting.

The program will be housed in a 52-foot trailer, stocked with pistols, rifles, and bows. It sounds like something out of a zombie flick, but the trailer wasn’t designed as a war stronghold. Instead, it is essentially a traveling shooting range, which will include actual target practice for archers and a military firearm simulation system that will allow female guests to try their hands at a variety of different weapons.

The accessible and innovative nature of the Test Shots program could be huge for Shoot Like a Girl. The company has already had success with a similar test program—called Test Flights—but since that program only allowed for archery shooting, it was limited in scope and appeal.

Now that Shoot Like a Girl has uncovered a way to safely test firearms, the reach of its influence should be able to expand nicely. So far, Test Flights has helped some 3,700 women to uncover a passion for archery. With both bows and firearms, Test Shots should be looking to at least double that impact.

The Rodeo FanFest is the perfect place for Shoot Like a Girl to begin chipping away at a numerical expansion goal. The FanFest is expected to draw 400,000 people to its 10-day Las Vegas spread. Since the Test Shots program functions almost like a carnival game, funneling female attendants – whether they have long been interested in shooting sports or just want to try out a firearm as a spur of the moment thing – into a trailer where they can test their skills, it will undoubtedly be a popular fixture in the middle of the frenetic festival atmosphere of the big rodeo event.

If the Test Shots program works out well at the Rodeo FanFest, then Shoot Like a Girl could be poised to break into a wider range of similar events over the coming years.

We couldn’t be more pleased: Shoot Like a Girl is a wonderful way to get women interested in hunting, and since programs like Test Shots and Test Flights stress shooting in safe, respectful, and controlled environments, they help to breed responsible safety-minded hunters.

Male or female, our sport could always use more of those.

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Shoot Like a Girl