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How to Shoot a Flintlock Rifle [VIDEO]

Flintlock rifles are mythical in reputation, functional in the field, and perfect in aesthetics.

Flintlock rifles have been obsolete for some 150 years, yet numerous companies and independent customized gun makers turn them out and they sell very well.

One of my most recent products is a 1792 contract rifle in 54 caliber.

I took it to the range to test fire it and to attempt to get over my flinch using these sorts of weapons. See the rifle in action here:

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While I am more of a maker than a shooter, you can see the process of loading and firing flintlock rifles is not complicated.

Flintlocks are also not nearly as cantankerous as many are lead to believe by folks who have never shot them. The only real obstacle to success when shooting flintlock weapons is getting over the “flinter’s flinch.”

The anticipation of that puff of smoke and flame near your face makes it easy to throw off your shot. The bullet is already out the barrel by the time you realize the flash, but the anticipation is enough. Some shots I flinch. Some I don’t.

Once the “flinter’s flinch” is overcome, the shooter is an expert. The flintlock is tricky to master but is the most rewarding to shoot.

There are many more tricks and tips to firing these old guns but that is for another day.

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How to Shoot a Flintlock Rifle [VIDEO]