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How to Shoot a Flintlock Pistol [VIDEO]

Flintlock pistols use 18th Century technology, but still turn heads at the range.

Flintlock pistols are my favorite firearms to make and my favorite to shoot (despite my lack of accuracy).

Loading these types of firearms might be an exercise but touching one off is an adrenaline rush. Here is a video of me giving one of my custom pistols a workout:

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How to Start a Fire with a Flintlock Rifle [VIDEO]

Flintlock pistols are awesome little "boom sticks" that sell very well. Men and women continue to win matches and take game with these pistols.

Though I will never be one of them, at the very least touching one off seems to draw a crowd in my direction.

Whether you are a collector, a pirate enthusiast, or a primitive hunter, a flintlock pistol belongs in your kit.

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How to Shoot a Flintlock Pistol [VIDEO]